Chapter 41 Donatella Galli

Who the hell is Donatella Galli?

Facebook knows who she is. Donatella Galli just got dumped from Facebook: “Non tolleriamo l’odio,” (We will not tolerate hate) Facebook announced as it gave her the boot. Facebook’s Italian-language policy against discrimination is pretty self explanatory even to readers with minimal Italian-language skills:

“La discriminazione di persone in base a razza, etnia, nazionalità, religione, sesso,   orientamento sessuale, disabilità o malattia rappresenta una grave violazione delle nostre condizioni.”

Donatella Galli represents Lega Nord, Italy’s Tea Party. Lega Nord sponsors a unique platform, one of which is to jettison southern Italy from the Republic of Italy. Whereas the Tea Party is somewhat subtle in its racism, Lega Nord flaunts it.

A couple of weeks ago, Galli called i meridionali the new Jews who need to be herded to Auschwitz. “Forza Etna, forza Vesuvio, forza Marsili” is her latest post in which she encourages southern Italy’s vulcani to spew lava over our family and friends. Not all leghisti are this extreme in their racism, but their hatred and disrespect for calabresi, siciliani, pugliesi, basilicati, campani, and abruzzi is well known.

La Lega just announced that someone broke into Galli’s page and denounces all comments attributed to her. How does Lega Nord explain l’ennesimo caso di razzismo made over the last couple of decades?

More later about Lega Nord and its hatred of Il Mezzogiorno.

Is it 2012 or 1939?


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