Chapter 48: Halloween Weekend 1970

My son Alex is coming home tonight for Thanksgiving!

But, he’s already told us he plans to spend a lot of time with his friends.

I’m happy for him but the words hit me like a left hook.

My version of Thanksgiving came a little earlier. It was Halloween weekend 1970. My dad was so happy to see me, but I told him I wanted to see my friends. And I did. He was hurt, but he tried his best not to show it.

He died 10 days later.

He called me Sunday evening, two days before he died. He inquired about school. Our chat was short. My mind was mostly elsewhere. I almost cut him off like Alex does with me. His last words to me were to warn me about “the perfume,” his code for girls and getting girls pregnant.

My cousin Herb called me early Wednesday morning. I knew immediately why he called. My dad had died while jogging after a hard work day.

If I barely see Alex, I’ll be hurt, but I’ll try my best not to show it.


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